Free WolfBot cloud instances for supporters

We are happy to announce free WolfBot cloud instances for supporters.

To become a supporter you have to write a blog post or make a YouTube video about WolfBot and send us the link to it via contract form or in our Discord chat.

Your video/post can cover any topic of WolfBot you like – some suggestions:

  • getting started: setting up exchange API keys and your first trading strategy
  • combining multiple strategies in WolfBot to forward buy/sell events
  • using WolfBot for manual trading as a stop-loss and take profit bot
  • backtesting with WolfBot and evaluating results
  • general overview of technical indicators supported by WolfBot
  • using the open source version and writing own trading strategies

The following WolfBot cloud instances will be awarded to every user submission:

  • Blog post: 1 month WolfBot cloud for free
    • the post must contain at least 700 words
    • at least 3 screenshots included
  • YouTube video: 6 months WolfBot cloud for free
    • the video must be at least 6min long
    • it should show a screencast of a WolfBot instance

All post/video submissions should be be in English. Feel free to ask if you want to submit a video in another language.

Of course every submission can register for our affiliate program to get up to 30% commission of every user who signs up thanks to your support.

Happy Trading!

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