TradingView alert integration, better futures trading and intra-candle indicator updates

We recently rolled out a bunch of new features for WolfBot:

TradingView alert integration

WolfBot cloud can now automatically parse and trade on all alerts coming from TradingView. This includes signals from the Crypto Screener, built-in Indicators and even custom Pine Scripts.
You can use WolfBot as a backend connector to exchanges to automate all your trades on TradingView.
To use this feature just go to the “Config” page of your WolfBot and select the strategy file named “TradingViewSignal”.

BitMEX faster updates

BitMEX realtime trading has been an increasing problem for many users, especially since they opened their own trading desk. Timed-out orders and delayed WebSocket trade updates were a common cause for frustration of many traders. We improved our BitMEX connection a lot and added some fallbacks. This means that even during volatile markets WolfBot will now be able to do accurate live trading again.

Deribit Bitcoin futures trading

As an alternative to BitMEX we added 100x Bitcoin futures trading from There is a sample strategy file named “Deribit” which you can select on the “Config” page to get started.

Intra-candle indicator updates

You can now chose to update your indicators on every live trade coming in. To do this, just put “updateIndicatorsOnTrade”: true, into your configuration. See the strategy file “Deribit” for an example.

Happy trading!

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