Affiliate program for webmasters

We offer an affiliate program to all users (worldwide). The top features of our affiliate program include:

  • recurring referrals: Build your passive income to profit from your affiliate users for a lifetime. As long as the user renews his subscription you will be credited your (current) monthly affiliate rate again.
  • tiered bonus rates: Earn more the more users you referrer to WolfBot. Your bonus rate in % will increase at certain tiers (see the table below). The bonus tier starts at 0 referrals on the 1st of every month.
  • monthly payouts: You will receive monthly payouts in BTC, BCH or ETH. Payouts are done between the 2nd and 5th every month and include all referrals from 2 months ago (30+ days old). This is to allow for chargebacks of some payment providers and prevent abuse of our affiliate program.
    The minimum payout threshold is 50$. If you don’t reach that threshold your total affiliate balance will be available for withdrawal the first month you reach it.

To join our affiliate program:

  1. register an affiliate account
  2. contact us with your idea how to promote WolfBot to activate your affiliate account

Our tiered bonus rates have 3 levels:

Number of Referrals this month Affiliate rate (commission) in %
0 – 99 20%
100 – 199 25%
200+ 30%

Simple earnings example:

A WolfBot Subscription costs:
90$ per month
700$ per year

Within a month you refer 130 subscribers for a monthly subscription, then 10 subscribers for an annually subscription and 20 monthly subscriptions you referred to us last moth get renewed. So your income for this month then is:

100 x 90$ x 0.2 + 30 x 90$ x 0.25 + 10 x 700$ x 0.25 + 20 x 90 x 0.25 = 4,675$


Terms & Conditions:

  • you must not promote WolfBot with claims such as “guaranteed profit” (except if you promote lending)
  • you must not send fake traffic (spam/bots) to any free trials we offer


Affiliate tracking works with a browser cookie. This cookie is set for 30 days. In case multiple affiliates refer the same user, the user will be assigned to the affiliate whose link he clicked most recently. When a user subscription gets renewed it will automatically be assigned to the same affiliate again. There is no need for the user to click on your affiliate link again. Neither can another affiliate take over your user (unless the user explicitly cancels his subscription and then clicks on another affiliate link).

The affiliate program is available for all our services (and not just our WolfBot trading software). The only exclusion are 3rd party strategies from our strategy store because there strategy developers get a commission.

We reserve the right to change our affiliate program policy at any time. Changes will be announced on this page. By participating in our affiliate program after a change has been announced you implicitly confirm your acceptance. Furthermore we will exclude any affiliate and withhold payouts if he violates any of the terms stated above.