Trading with WolfBot doesn’t only rely on Technical Analysis and prices. Thanks to our plugin system you can use live datafeeds from various social media sources.

All news plugin come with built in text processing that automatically detects cryptocurrency mentions (even if there is no hashtag used) and sentiment analysis. This means WolfBot can detect if a particular post writes positive or negative about a crypto currency. So you will receive real time data with:

  • the raw text of the message/post
  • the crypto currency the text is talking about
  • the sentiment of the text (a number indicating if the text is positive or negative)
  • meta info such as username, timestamp, number of likes, URL,…

Existing plugins:

Twitter Plugin:
Our twitter plugin gives you all the data from the people you are following on twitter. Simply enter your Twitter account and WolfBot is ready to go.
For a more advanced config you can also enter custom hashtags or usernames to search for on twitter.
Default configurations for hashtags of the most common coins and auto detection of coin mentions in tweets of people you are following (without hashtag) is also included.

News Plugin (
This news plugin follows hundreds of news websites using to create statistics about which coins are currently trending. This datafeed includes information if the news about a particular coin is bullish or bearish. Use this data in your trading strategies to buy immediately or wait for the next dip.

Reddit Plugin:
Our Reddit plugin let’s you subscribe to any subredit you are interested in and gives you all the posts and replies in real time.
Just like on twitter this includes the mentioned crypto currencies and the post’s sentiment.

RSS Plugin:
This is your own RSS reader that can subscribe to any RSS feed on the internet. It will also automatically detect the crypto currencies the feeds are talking about and the corresponding sentiment.

Telegram Plugin:
You want to automate trading based on some Telegram signal groups you follow? WolfBot can do this for you. Just enter your Telegram phone number and you are ready to receive all your Telegram messages in your trading strategies.

3rd party Plugins:
Everybody can write his own plugins to crawl data from every website he likes. WolfBot supports a complete HTTP and WebSocket API to access any data you are interested in on the internet.