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dedicated WolfBot cloud instance
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  1. You can add as many trading pairs are you like. However, if you are trading high-volume pairs (such as BTC_USD) with strategies relying on real-time updates of every single trade, then the bot might become too slow with more than 10 trading pairs (because of high CPU load). In that case you should consider buying multiple WolfBot subscriptions.
  2. You can choose your trading mode during runtime and change it whenever you like. Every instance of WolfBot can only use 1 trading mode at a time. So if you want do Trading, Arbitrage and Lending simultaneously you need 3 WolfBot subscriptions.

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12 reviews for Cloud trading bot membership

  1. di_tilk

    guter profit soweit. Der Bot nimmt gewinne mit und macht die Position frühzeitig wieder zu. So soll es sein

  2. Hulk

    Sometimes high slippage on stop-loss because positions get closed as market orders. But better than getting liquidated, so overall a good concept I think

  3. Dietmar

    2020 ALTZ season guys!!! Very handy to watch volume spikes on altcoins.
    Use StopLossTurn as trailing stop once you enter a spike trade on your alt to lock in profit!

  4. Foxx

    + many strategies and config options
    + unlimited capital and trading pairs
    – UI should be improved

  5. Mexxer

    FishingNet strategy is killing it!

  6. Rekt

    Pro trading experience. Cross-margin mode is automatically done by the bot on BitMEX – you just set your trading capital and don’t have to worry about additional leverage settings. Just don’t get rekt plebs!!! 😀

  7. CKChris

    Been testing WolfBot with OKEX BTC and ETH future contracts for 2 months now.
    I am quite pleased with the results. While setting up and understanding configurations might be a difficult task for noob traders, for me WolfBot does exactly what I want it to do. It manages my risk by placing + updating stops and taking partial profits every time market momentum turns.

    A must have is that WolfBot – unlike many other bots – also works great when manually trading on OKEX (it updates my current position size automatically).

  8. Maxi

    I love their WeekPredictor strategy. This one seems to know pretty well where the BTC price is going next week. Insider?

  9. JoshP

    Love it!

  10. Tim87

    Great profits of 20% profit and more per week with USD pairings. BTC pairs need some improvements. Or maybe it’s just the bear market.

  11. CingCrypto

    Works great for margin trading on Bitfinex with the top10 coins:D
    But don’t get too greedy!!!

  12. Keanes

    Nice bot.
    I tried many cloud trading bots before. Most of them are not real time. They only make a few trades per day (often too late) and then show the the accumulated results of the previous day on their website. WolfBot actually works in realtime, you can watch it trade!

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