Strategies are pieces of code that tell WolfBot when and how to trade (buy, sell, short-sell,…). There are many official strategies WolfBot supports out of the box.

Additionally, since WolfBot is open source and has an easy to implement strategy interface, there are many additional 3rd party strategies available.

Strategies make decisions based on Indicators, Plugins (web & social media data-feeds), manually configured price-levels and any other information the strategy developer choses to include.

Strategies receive events with the following data:

  • new candles
  • live trades feed from the exchange
  • current unfinished candle updates (the right candle on the chart that is still updating constantly)
  • orderbook modifications: Strategies have access to the full orderbook with all bids and asks


View complete strategy documentation including a list of all strategies.

Below you can find a short list of the most common strategies grouped by their use cases.

List of official Strategies:

 Technical Strategies:

  • RSI
  • RSIStarter
  • RSIScalper
  • MACD
  • PercentDEMA
  • BollingerBands
  • TrendLines
  • CCI
  • MFI
  • OBV
  • KAMA
  • STC
  • StochRSI

Day Trading Strategies:

  • DayTrader
  • WaveSurfer
  • WaveOpener
  • CandleRepeater
  • DayTrendFollower
  • DirectionRunner
  • PriceRangeTrader
  • Sentiment
  • SimpleAndShort
  • Trendatron
  • TrendlineScalper
  • VolumeSpikeDetector
  • VolumeSpikeDetectorLong
  • PivotSniper
  • PriceSpikeDetector
  • OrderBookPressure
  • OrderPartitioner

Stop loss Strategies:

  • StopLossTurn
  • StopLossTurnPartial
  • StopLossTime
  • EarlyStopLoss
  • BollingerStop
  • SARStop
  • VolumeSpikeStopper
  • VolumeStopper
  • WaveStopper
  • TimeStop

Take profit Strategies:

  • TakeProfit
  • TakeProfitPartial
  • TakeProfitStochRSI
  • ProtectProfit

Day Trading and long-term Strategies:

Other Strategies:

  • MakerFeeOrder
  • OneTimeOrder
  • TimeOrder


Strategies Market:

There is a strategies market where developers offer their own strategies. These strategies integrate perfectly with (private) Telegram channels, Reddit groups, Twitter feeds as well as advanced technical analysis using WolfBots built-in Technical Indicators.


Lending & Arbitrage Strategies:

Lending and Arbitrage also uses strategies to make decisions. These strategies are built the same way and extend the same base functionality of WolfBot’s core trading logic.