StopLossTurn Strategy

StopLossTurn is the official stop loss strategy of WolfBot. It aims to only execute the stop if the market actually turns against your open position. Specifically it will not execute the stop if the price is just below the stop for a few seconds (flash crash).
It achieves this using the following techniques to delay the stop:

Time delay

StopLossTurn has a counter in seconds that will start counting to zero once the stop price is reached. The stop will only be executed if the counter reaches zero. If the price moves above the stop price again before the counter reaches zero, then the counter will be reset to its initial value.

RSI delay

The stop can be delayed depending on the current RSI value. So if you have an open long position it will not be closed during RSI overbought (respectively a short position not during RSI oversold).

Volatile market delay

StopLossTurn can look at Bandwidth of Bollinger Bands to measure the current market volatility. During volatile markets it can increase or decrease the stop counter in seconds.

Candle delay

The stop can be delayed if the current candle is moving into the same direction as your open position.


StopLossTurn can be configured to use a trailing stop or a fixed stop price. Advanced traders can also set different stop thresholds for long and short positions or even only allow it to execute the stop if the open position is at a profit.

Furthermore, if you wish, you can only close your position partially, meaning a configured percentage of your open position size. Then the remaining position will have to be closed by another strategy or manually.