TradingView Signal Strategy

WolfBot can trade on every alert coming from This includes their CrytoScreener, built-in Indicators and even custom PineScripts.

So if you are familiar with TradingView, you can make WolfBot your trading backend for all your work you are doing on their site.
WolfBot furthermore allows some advanced configuration of how to act on TradingView signals. For example if you only want to trade in a certain direction or only on signals containing a specific keyword you can do so.

Screenshot of the TradingView strategy configuration in WolfBot:

When creating an alert on you must include a buy or sell word (which you configured in the screenshot above). So for example to tell WolfBot to buy BTC once it crosses 3629 USD the alert looks like this:

“Price” crossing a pre-defined value is just the most simple alert as an example. You can create more advanced alerts for every indicator on TradingView – including alerts for your own PineScripts.
You must include the currency pair in your message!

Limit Orders:
Your messages can also include “limit=123.45” to specify a limit order price.

Market Orders:
To use market orders, write market=1 in your alert.
If neither limit nor market orders are specified, the rate of the last trade will be used.

You can also specify a different trading amount by writing adding amount=123 to your message (in base currency, USD,…).

Specify minimum profit (for CLOSE signals):
Use pl=500 to enter a minimum profit condition in your close signal (in base currency such as USD, so minimum 500 USD profit in this example). The pl amount can also be negative (for example pl=-100).
If this condition is not met, the position will not be closed and the signal will be discarded. WolfBot will have to receive another CLOSE signal to close it.

Immediate Order execution:
The default configuration includes: tradeStrategy: RSIScalpOrderer
This means that orders will be forwarded to a 3min RSI strategy and

  • buy orders will be executed after RSI low ended
  • sell orders will be executed after RSI high ended

The default configuration will wait for a 5min candle RSI to confirm the trend to execute the trade signaled from TradingView.
To have signals from TradingView executed immediately you must remove the RSIScalpOrder from the TradingViewSignal configuration (leave it blank). For more details to adjust the RSI parameters, please read the RSIScalpOrderer parameter descriptions on the configuration page.

Setup with email address (easier):
You can also setup TradingView alerts using our email servers. To do this:

  1. enter [email protected] as an email address on for their “Send Email-to-SMS” feature (see screenshot above)
  2. enter [email protected] as an email address in your cloud instance, leave the password empty
  3. in WolfBot go to Actions -> Status and add your “Bot ID” to the message text of ALL your TradingView alerts. The BotID starts with “WID”:

So your message Text could look like: BTCUSD crossing 6000, buy, WIDnRc/ERRQ, limit =6010
The order in your message text doesn’t matter.

Note to Gmail users:
You should be sure to enable access to Less Secure Apps in your Gmail account to ensure WolfBot can fetch mails quickly (without getting temporarily banned by Gmail).
Obviously, you can also create a new mail account just for WolfBot and use it for your TradingView account.

The best way to test if your signals work as intended is to set the trading capital in WolfBot to 0 (tradeTotalBtc on the configuration page). Then just send your alerts from TradingView and see what WolfBot says in the log (the blue arrow down right).

Example alert messages:
sell BTC_ETH, market=1, WIDnRc/ERRQ
buy USD_ETH, limit=200.5, WIDnRc/ERRQ
sell USD_ETH, limit=210.1, amount=600, WIDnRc/ERRQ
close USD_ETH, pl=200, WIDnRc/ERRQ

Commas and the order of parameters are optional.

Happy Trading!