What makes WolfBot unique compared to other trading bots?
WolfBot has 4 unique features which put it ahead of other crypto trading bots.

  • Multiple strategies on the same currency pair with different candle sizes:
    This way your strategies can look at daily candles to identify bigger trends and then “zoom in” to lower intervals (1h, 5min,…) to trade.
    For example: Trendline strategy says BUY on 12h candles -> forward signal to MACD strategy on 1h candles to look for a buy momentum -> forward signal to RSI strategy on 10min candles to look for RSI oversold -> forward & execute the BUY trade
  • Independence of candles: for some trading strategies candles are just always to late because the market already moved when the next candle is ready. For this reason WolfBot offers your strategies a live feed of all trades and the current unfinished candle (the right candle on the chart that is still updating constantly). This allows highly customized and fast reacting strategies to be implemented.
  • Social Media & Web Plugins: WolfBot has plugins for Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, RSS and more. This way your trading can combine market news together with technical analysis and other data of your trading strategies.
  • Strategy  Marketplace/”App Store”: We encourage other developers to build strategies for WolfBot. They can sell their most profitable strategies in our strategy store. Trades can discuss strategies in our forum.

What computer do I need?
WolfBot is cloud-based and runs on our servers. All you need is a modern WebBrowser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari,…). There is no installation required.

Can I use WolfBot on my Smartphone?
Yes. Since you only need a WebBrowser, you can also use WolfBot on your Smartphone or Tablet. The UI uses responsive design and is optimized to fit every screen size.

Where can I find some good trading strategies?
Lot’s of strategies are included in WolfBot. Take a look at our strategies page for an overview. For 3rd party strategies or to implement your own strategy code, visit our trader forum.

My favorite Exchange is currently not supported. When will it be added?
We constantly add new exchanges. If your exchange is not yet supported in Wolfbot, please contact us directly or visit our exchanges section in our forum.

Do you add new coins frequently?
Yes. WolfBot currently supports over 600 coins. We monitor exchanges to add new coins on a daily basis. If your coin is missing, just contact us. Please provide a link to the coin you want to add on an exchange.

Is trading with WolfBot free of risks?
There is always a risk involved in trading. Especially when trading on highly volatile markets such as cryptocurrencies. These markets offer you the potential of high gains (10% and more daily), but every gain is another persons loss. We recommend you make yourself aware of your desired risk profile: The higher the percentage of returns you want, the more risks you have to take. Place your (profit) stops accordingly. WolfBot is only a tool to automate your personal trading style or learn new trading styles.
Additionally there is a small risk that an exchange might lose funds due to a hack or trading might be unavailable due to overloaded exchange servers (WolfBot can not manage your positions during that time).
If you want to use WolfBot with less risk and lower returns, you should take a look at our lending features for constant safe returns (or arbitrage for trading with a lower risk).

What’s the difference between your cloud version and the open source version on Github?
The versions are identical in their source code and features. The Github version is for geeks, (strategy) developers and people who want to add their own features to WolfBot.
The advantages of the cloud-based version are:

  • automatic updates: you will always have the latest stable version of WolfBot running. No need to update WolfBot, recompile code and maintain dependencies.
  • 24/7 availability: WolfBot will trade for your 24 hours 7 days a week. Our monitoring system and redundant installations make sure everything is always up & running.
  • faster backtests: We have years of combined historical trades of all major exchanges stored in our cloud. This means backtests usually start immediately without the need for you to wait for hours while importing data to test your trading strategies on.
  • no server required: You don’t have to rent your own (virtual) server to ensure you are online to trade 24/7. A server powerful enough for WolfBot doing real-time trades on high-volume currency-pairs or backtesting requires at least 2x 2.4 GHz processor cores and 3GB RAM. So it will cost you 30$ monthly or more.
  • no installation: You don’t have to know how to setup a GNU/Linux server. Furthermore you don’t have to install & maintain dependencies such as NodeJS and MongoDB.
  • premium support: You can get premium customer support via our contact form and forum and will receive qualified responses from our staff within 2 business days.

What payment methods are accepted?
We accept Credit Cards, Paypal and of course many common cryptocurrencies for payments.