Wolf Rating

Wolf Rating is our rating of cryptocurrencies based on social media activity using sentiment analysis.

WolfRating  is based on the crawled and analyzed data of the following social media platforms:

  • Twitter
  • Reddit
  • Telegram
  • various news sites and blogs, both cryptocurrency-related and mainstream media

WolfRating is a short term market indicator for traders. It is intended to be used by traders who keep their positions open for a few hours (daytraders) up to a few days. Values for WolfRating range from 0.0 (very bad, sell signal) to 10.0 (very good, buy signal). Social media and market activity is monitored by our system 24/7 and Wolf Rating is recalculated every hour.

To calculate the ranking, the social media data is combined with technical market indicators of each corresponding crypto currency on all of WolfBot’s supported exchanges. This includes:

  • daily and weekly price movements
  • the volatility of those price movements in relation to the 14 day price volatility
  • daily and weekly volume changes such as spikes or drops in trading activity

Traders holding positions for longer than a week should (almost) ignore Wolf Rating. However, other sentiment data displayed together with Wolf Rating, such as the 14 day average number of social media posts per cryptocurrency, is very valuable information for long term investors too.